This Week’s Workouts: 3/6-3/12

Monday. Easy run. Begin running counterclockwise around the lower loop. Head up West Drive. Enter the Great Lawn by the Delacorte Theater. Run counterclockwise around the Great Lawn until you reach the northeast corner. Exit the Great Lawn and run up East Drive. Use the 102nd Street Transverse to cross over to the west side. Return to W. 63rd Street.… [ Read More ]

Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K

It was a frigid day for racing, with temperatures in the teens at the start of the race. These WSY runners made the trip out to Washington Heights for the first points race of the year. Jodie Porcelli (26:05), Jeffrey De La Cruz (25:20), Lenin Grullon (25:19), Rob Ledesma (23:08), Denie Wong (22:01), Michael Toma (21:34), and Benny Tam (19:13).… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 2/13-2/19

Monday.  Easy run. Run up to the 72nd Street Transverse and cross over to the east side.  Head to the 102nd Street Transverse and cross over to the west side.  Run down to W. 86th Street and enter the reservoir.  Run one complete loop and exit at W. 86th.  End your run at W. 63rd Street.  (6.5 miles) Wednesday.  800s… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 2/6-2/12/17

Congratulations to Jose Zaruma (31:39) and Steven Lee (30:13) for their finishes in the NYRR Gridiron 4M.   Monday. Easy run. Begin by running counterclockwise around the lower loop.  When you reach W. 72nd, head up West Drive to the 102nd Street Transverse  Turn around and head straight back to W. 63rd Street.  (5.2 mi) Wednesday.  400s & 800s Warm up counterclockwise around the lower… [ Read More ]

This Weekend’s Race Results.

Heidi Tanakatsubo and Denie Wong took on the Miami Half Marathon this weekend.  The weather conditions were reasonable, a little rain, and probably a little cooler than expected.  Heidi ran a 2:07:40 and Denie ran a 1:37:09.  Congratulations!

This Week’s Workouts: 1/23-1/29/17

Monday.  Easy run. Run up to the 72nd Street Transverse, make a right, and cross over to the east side.  Run up East Drive to the 102nd Street Transverse, make a left, and cross over to west side.  Run down West Drive to the 72nd Street Transverse.  Cross the transverse and run the lower loop finishing your run at W.… [ Read More ]

Race Results

The Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon took place this weekend.  Runners were treated to warmer weather than normal and a bit of fog.  Congratulations to Heidi Tanakatsubo (2:11:43), Rhonda Braun (1:47:37), Keila Merino pacing for NYRR (1:44:39), Aaron Lear (1:57:22), Alfonso Chang (1:49:08), Jesse Licht (new PR 1:44:34), Denie Wong (1:41:49), and Benny Tam (1:28:04).

This Week’s Workouts: 1/16-1/22/17

Congratulations to Steven Lee in his latest marathon adventure, the Ho Chi Minh Marathon. Monday.  Easy run.  MLK Day. Run the 6-mile loop in a clockwise direction.  (6 miles) Wednesday.  Mile Repeats. Warm up on the lower loop to E. 85th Street.  Run your mile repeats from 85th to the 102nd Street Transverse.  Rest for 2 minutes between repeats.  Cool down back… [ Read More ]

Race Results

Seven WSY runners braved the cold this past Saturday in the Joe Kleinerman 10K. Jeffrey De La Cruz (1:03:23), Elsa Jiminez (54:27), Aaron Lear (52:17), Lenin Grullon (51:10), Jesse Licht (48:48), Alfonso Chang (48:45), and Victor Laborda (46:55). Congratulations! And congratulations to Steven Thunder Lee​ on is latest marathon, the Yoma Yangon Marathon in Burma.

This Week’s Workouts: 1/9-1/15

Monday. Easy run. Head up W. Drive and over Harlem Hill. When you reach the 102nd Street Transverse on the east side, make a right, and head back to W. Drive. Run down W. Drive to 63rd Street. (5.6 miles) Wednesday. Tempo. Warm up West Drive to 86th Street. Run 2 loops of the reservoir at your tempo pace. Recover… [ Read More ]