This Week’s Workouts: 5/19-5/26

Brooklyn Half Marathon results It was a beautiful day for a half marathon, and WSY was well represented.  Jodie Pfau (1:44:05), Keila Merino (1:44:29, pacing the 1:45 group), Olena Zhadko (1:52:41), Emma Tsui (1:58:53), and Heidi Tanakatsubo (2:11:28) The women finished in 56th place out of 85 teams.   Bernie Lauredan (1:22:40 PR), Benny Tam (1:25:50 PR), Marc Gershel (1:32:49),… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 9/23-9/29

Congratulations to all the Fifth Avenue Mile finishers. Olena Zhadko 6:40, Lisa Ying 7:08, Stephen Mullan 5:16, Benny Tam 5:27, Denie Wong 5:35, Julien Castrie, 5:53, Greg Holman 5:58, Ambrose Wheatcroft 6:14, Huw Richards 6:47, Chris Temme 7:17, and Michael Toma 5:07. Everyone looked great out there! Monday. Easy run. Run the 5-mile loop in the counterclockwise direction. If you… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 6/17-6/23

Portugal Day 5M Results There was a good turnout for the WSY this morning. Congratulations to all: Lisa Ying 44:34 Lou Lapat 30:01 Michael Toma 30:20 Julian Alvarez 32:10 Benny Tam 32:27 Stephen Mullan 32:33 Denie Wong 33:51 Julien Castrie 35:47 Kevin Oberle 37:34 Ambrose Wheatcroft 38:55 Alfonso Chang 39:51 Congratulations also goes to Kino who was running the TARC100… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 4/22-4/28

  Congratulations to everyone who ran the Boston 5K last Sunday: Heidi Tanakatsubo 33:39, Alfonso Chang 34:30, Alberto Chang 34:30, Benny Tam 19:05 (PR), Denie Wong 20:30, Carol Buonanno 20:57, Rhonda Braun 21:07, and Michael Toma 27:29. Congratulations to our Boston Marathon finishers: Farbod Raiszadeh 3:12:15 and Michael Toma 3:24:47. Thank you to all the people who came out and… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 9/17-9/23

Congratulations to the West Side Y’s Reach the Beach Relay team, Ben Tam, Bruno Garcia, Margot Fleming, Mark DeVera, Lou Lapat, Kendall Downer, Huw Richards, Kevin Oberle, Stacy Tarver, Michelle Wakeling, and Michael Toma. They finished in 48th place out of more than 400 teams. Congratulations to Chris D’Angelo for running the Fitness Games 4-Mile race on Saturday. Monday. Easy… [ Read More ]

WSYRRC 2010 Holiday Party

Here are the winners of the 2010 WSYRRC Superlative Awards, as voted on by the people: Hardest Worker:  ALANNA CLARKE Most Improved:  TOM CONNORS Rookie of the Year:  CAMILLE HAUSHEER & BERNIER LAUREDAN Most WSYRRC Spirit:  ERIKA OLSON “Alex Strehl” Award – Funniest:  DAVID AHN & MEGAN SCHMIDT Most Likely to Succeed in 2011:  MEGGIE SMITH Friendliest:  CLAUDINA DUVAL MVR… [ Read More ]