This Week’s Workouts: 11/26-12/2


Warm up by running counter clockwise around the lower loop. Beginning at 72nd on the east side, run your 5K pace for two light poles. Recover at your marathon pace to the next light pole. Run hard again for two light poles, and recover for one light pole. Continue this pattern around the top of the park (or cut across 102nd if you want to do less mileage) until you reach 83rd Street on the west side. Cool down back to 63rd.

Wednesday. West Side Run.

Run uptown on West Drive. Turn around at 102nd Street Transverse on W. Drive, or continue around the top of the park and turn around at 102nd Street Transverse on E. Drive. Attempt to return faster than you went out (negative split). Run 4 to 6 strides upon returning to 63rd Street.

Sunday. Join the Voices! 5 Mile.

Register for the last points race of the year, Join the Voices! 5 Mile. Sunday, December 2nd at 8:30 a.m. Don’t forget to use our team designation, WSY.

One thought on “This Week’s Workouts: 11/26-12/2

  1. V.Ramirez Reply

    So, it has now been one month since the NYC Marathon was scheduled to be run and more than a month since it was cancelled. Other than a single statement about the cancellation on the Home Page of the NYRR website, there has been no word from NYRR to its members/non-members about this.

    I am not even going to address whether the cancellation was appropriate or not, but I do have some rather strong feelings about the NYRR overall, and it’s lack of communication about this unfortunate event in particular. It is certainly understandable that with such a complex issue as trying to decide what is correct under these circumstances, it could take some time to arrive at a wise and equitable decision. What is totally incomprehensible is why there has not been a single word from the organization since 11/29/12. A simple statement from NYRR to those registered for the marathon letting them know that the complexity and ramifications of what to do here require more time would suffice.

    Given that this has not been forthcoming and it appears may never be, I believe at the very least local clubs can make their voices heard loudly and clearly with not a single word uttered. If all clubs and members stood at the sidelines of the next race cheering on the runners, but simply boycotted the event by not registering, it would speak volumes. A 500 person race versus a 5000 person race would be visually very evident. This would, however, only work if substantial numbers of people were present in club singlets on the sidelines, but NOT running. A favorite saying of mine is, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” To paraphrase that for this situation, “What is they gave a race and nobody cam?” NYRR needs us to exist, yet treats us individually and collectively as if we don’t exist or at least don’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth, without runners there is no New York Road Runners.

    On many levels, in recent years I have often thought that Fred Lebow would not be impressed with where his club has gone. His philosophy is so very clear, “In running it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say , ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.” While the NYRR has had a substantial amount of recent growth in many ways (which some favor and others do not), it seems that one thing is clear; Lebow’s essential spirit seems to have been tossed to the side. Today’s NYRR seems to be too much about who finishes when, with little, if any, respect to given to any but the most elite runners. It is only because of ALL runners that funding is available to NYRR to court these elite runners. It is time for the NYRR to be reminded of why Fred Lebow created this group and we have the power to do this with a simple, non-violent show of strength via a boycott.

    I am appealing to all running clubs to consider this possibility.

    Best regards,


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