This Week’s Workouts: 1/21-1/27

Monday. Intervals.

Warm up counterclockwise on the lower loop until you reach the 72nd Street Transverse. Run for 5:00 at close to your 5K race pace. Do a recovery jog for 2:00. Repeat this all the way around the 6-mile loop of the park. If you reach 63rd Street on the west side in the process of doing your 5:00 interval, finish the interval around the lower loop, and make sure you do a cool down.

Wednesday. Easy run.

Run the 6-mile loop counterclockwise. For those runners who need a longer run, hop on the reservoir at W. 86th Street and run 1 or 2 loops, before continuing to the finish at 63rd Street.

Good luck to everyone running the Manhattan Half Marathon on Sunday.

Congratulations to Kendall Downer for getting accepted to med school.

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