NYC Marathon Inspiration

Folks, there are less than two weeks left until the NYC Marathon on November 1st.

For those of you who are embarking on this challenge, these next two weeks are crucial for getting appropriate rest, staying hydrated, and eating healthy.  BE CONFIDENT in your training, for there is nothing you can change about it now.  You are in the best shape of your life… take a step back and enjoy it.  For these next 13 days, focus on the things you can control (mentioned above)… and make time for a little motivation!

Here is one of my favorite quotes – told to me by one of my soccer teammates at NYU – that has stuck with me through the years:

“If your heart is fearful, throw away fear; if there is terror in it throw away terror. Take your ax in your hand and attack. He who leaves the fight unfinished is not at peace.” – excerpt from Gilgamesh

It’s time to finish what we started!  If you have a favorite quote, take a minute to reply to this post and share your motivation with the group.

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