This Week’s Workouts: 3/11-3/17

This past Thursday was NYRR’s Club Night at the Hard Rock Café. Heidi, Benny, Denie, and Alfonso were there to pick up the WSY men’s 2nd place Open B team award.

Benny and Denie at Club Night with the Men's Open B 2nd place team award.

Points races for June are now open for registration.

  • Scotland 10K on Saturday, April 6th
  • Portugal Day 5M on Sunday, June 16th (points for men only, but women can run)
  • FRNY Pride Run 5M on Saturday, June 29th

Monday. Strawberry Fields.

Beginning at 63rd Street, warm up counter clockwise around the lower loop. When you reach the west side of the 72nd Street Transverse, make a right and run up to 74th Street, the bottom of the Strawberry Fields hill. Run 6-8 loops of Strawberry Fields with a 1-minute recovery between each loop. Cool down the opposite way you warmed up. (Approximately 6.2 miles if you are doing 8 loops.)


Run the 6-mile loop counter clockwise at a comfortable pace. For those of you running the NYC Half on Sunday, run your half marathon goal pace from Engineer’s Gate (E. 90th) to 102nd Street Transverse on the west side. (about 2 miles).

This Sunday is the NYC Half Marathon. Good luck to those who are running.

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