This Week’s Workouts: 4/22-4/28


Congratulations to everyone who ran the Boston 5K last Sunday: Heidi Tanakatsubo 33:39, Alfonso Chang 34:30, Alberto Chang 34:30, Benny Tam 19:05 (PR), Denie Wong 20:30, Carol Buonanno 20:57, Rhonda Braun 21:07, and Michael Toma 27:29.

Congratulations to our Boston Marathon finishers: Farbod Raiszadeh 3:12:15 and Michael Toma 3:24:47. Thank you to all the people who came out and supported our WSY runners, Heidi, Denie, Benny, Alfonso, Carol, Rhonda, Kino, and anyone else I have neglected to mention.

We are very glad that all of our WSY runners and supporters came back home safe and sound. Our hearts go out to those who were affected by the tragic events that took place on Monday. It was great to see so many people supporting Boston by running in Central Park this weekend.

Congratulations to those who ran the NYRR Run for the Parks 4-miler this Sunday: Ambrose Wheatcroft 27:13, Hideki Kinoshita 27:21, Stephen Mullan 27:29, Jodie Pfau 33:01, and Julien Castrie 40:45.

Monday. 800m repeats.

Warm up around the lower loop to E. 86th Street. Run your first 800 from 86th to 96th. Rest for 2:00 to 3:00. Run your next 800 from 96th to 86th. Do your repeats at your 5K race pace. Run 4-6 repeats. Cool down back to 63rd Street.

Wednesday. Bridle path easy run.

Enter the bridle path at 63rd Street and follow the bridle path to 102nd Street. Continue around to the east side and down to E. 85th. Follow the path back to the west side and then, back down to 63rd Street. For those who want to do a little extra, hop onto the reservoir path at Engineer’s Gate and do one loop of the reservoir. Then continue on the bridle path until you are back at 63rd Street.

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