This Week’s Workouts: 6/17-6/23

Portugal Day 5M Results

There was a good turnout for the WSY this morning. Congratulations to all:

  • Lisa Ying 44:34
  • Lou Lapat 30:01
  • Michael Toma 30:20
  • Julian Alvarez 32:10
  • Benny Tam 32:27
  • Stephen Mullan 32:33
  • Denie Wong 33:51
  • Julien Castrie 35:47
  • Kevin Oberle 37:34
  • Ambrose Wheatcroft 38:55
  • Alfonso Chang 39:51

Congratulations also goes to Kino who was running the TARC100 this weekend.

Benny at Portugal Day 5M. Photo by Heidi.

Julien.  Photo by Heidi.

Alfonso.  Photo by Heidi

The WSY team at Portugal Day 5M.  Photo by Heidi.

Lou. Photo by Heidi.

Denie.  Photo by Heidi

Kevin.  Photo by Heidi.

Mike. Photo by Heidi.

Stephen, Benny, Denie, and Julien before the race.  Photo by Heidi.

Monday. Easy run.

Run the 5-mile loop in the counterclockwise direction at a conversational pace.

Wednesday. 1200m repeats

Warm up counterclockwise around the lower loop until you reach 83rd Street & East Drive (1.5 miles). Run your first repeat from 83rd Street to 96th Street. Rest for 2 to 3 minutes. Run your second repeat from 96th Street back to 83rd Street. Do 4 repeats.

At the end of your 4th repeat, do a quick jog to 88th Street. From there, run hard to 93rd Street (approximately 400m). Rest for 1 minute and run another 400m back to 88th. Cool down back to the Y.

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