This Week’s Workouts: 7/29-8/4

Congratulations to Hideki Kinoshita for completing another ultra, the Great Cranberry Island 50K in 5:49:01.

Monday. Reservoir Loops.

Warm up on the bridle path to the reservoir at W. 86th Street. Run 2-3 loops of the reservoir at your half marathon pace. (6 or 7.5 miles)

Wednesday. Progressive run.

Run a full loop of the park in the counterclockwise direction. Slowly increase your pace with the goal of doing the last mile at your 10K race pace. Run six 100m strides at the end of the run. (6 miles)

Good luck to everyone running the Team Championships on Saturday. Don’t forget. The race begins on the 102nd Street Transverse, and there is a separate race for men and women.

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