This Week’s Workouts: 9/23-9/29

Congratulations to all the Fifth Avenue Mile finishers. Olena Zhadko 6:40, Lisa Ying 7:08, Stephen Mullan 5:16, Benny Tam 5:27, Denie Wong 5:35, Julien Castrie, 5:53, Greg Holman 5:58, Ambrose Wheatcroft 6:14, Huw Richards 6:47, Chris Temme 7:17, and Michael Toma 5:07. Everyone looked great out there!

Olena & Chris


Benny, Mike, Denie, and Julien


Shannon Rowbury

Keila with Bernard

Monday. Easy run.

Run the 5-mile loop in the counterclockwise direction. If you are not too tired from Sunday’s race, you can run the 6-mile loop instead.

Wednesday. Candy Wrapper Progressive run.

Run in a counterclockwise direction. Make a left on the 72nd Street Transverse. Make a right on W. Drive. Turn right at 102nd Street Transverse. Make a left at E. Drive. Go around the top of the park, and make a left on the 102nd Street Transverse. Turn right on E. Drive. Turn right on the 72nd Street Transverse. Make a left on W. Drive and end at 63rd. (7.2 miles)

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