This Week’s Workouts: 3/3-3/9

This Week’s Race Results 3/3-3/9

There was a lot of racing going on this week!  Many WSY runners ran the mile at the Armory for the NYRR Thursday Night at the Races series finale.  Then the team challenged the Run NYC team from Niketown in a very competitive 10-person 10K relay.  Many of the WSY runners and friends of the WSY were only using the mile as a warm up for the relay, but still posted some impressive times.  Keila Merino 6:24.34, Rhonda Braun 6:15.47, Rafael Maclara 5:21.84, Stephen Mullan 5:30.06, Jeffrey De La Cruz 5:45.26, Benny Tam 5:52.83, Denie Wong 6:38.64, Huw Richards 6:40.63, and Michael Toma 5:14.23.

Benny in the Mile. Photo by: Mike Toma


Huw in the mile. Photo by Mike Toma


Jeff in the mile. Photo by Mike Toma


Faceoff.  Mark DeVera and Mike Toma

In the 10K relay, we were very fortunate to have a woman from the Armory record all of our splits for the relay.  She said our team looked “serious” so she decided to record splits for our team only.  The relay involved each person running one complete lap of the track (200m) and handing off to the next runner.  Each runner ended up doing 5 separate 200 m legs.  The WSY relay team was made up of Chuck Kim, Michael Toma, Keila Merino, Rhonda Braun, Stephen Mullan, Huw Richards, Rafael Maclara, Benny Tam, Denie Wong, and Jeffrey De La Cruz.

At various points during the race, the WSY team held a lead over the Run NYC team, but in the end, the Run NYC team had a little more speed and came out victorious by a few seconds.  WSY finished in 28:01.0.  Special recognition goes to Jeff who had the fastest 200m split of 29.1 and Chuck who had the fastest combined 5x200m time of 2:31.1, which averages out to 30.2 per 200m!  Chuck also had two 29.3 splits, Michael had a 29.9 split, and Stephen had a 30.0 split.  But the most important thing was that everyone had so much fun!  There is already talk of a rematch next year.

The Run NYC and WSY relay teams.

On Sunday, the WSY team competed in the first points race of the year, the Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K.  The WSY men turned in a solid effort.  Stephen Mullan 20:09, Chuck Kim 20:10, Jeffrey De La Cruz 20:41, Denie Wong 21:22, Michael Toma 18:52, and Alfonso Chang 22:42, (a PR) contributed to a 19th place team finish out of 56 teams.  The WSY men’s masters team of Chuck, Denie, and Michael was 14th out of 40 masters teams.

Denie, Mike, Chuck, and Alfonso. Photo by Heidi


Denie, Alfonso, Jeff, and Mike.  Photo by Heidi.


And finally, as if running at the Armory on Thursday wasn’t enough, Benny Tam went to Little Rock, Arkansas to run another marathon, the Little Rock Marathon.  3:20:02, for his 32nd state.

This Week’s Workouts: 3/3-3/9

Monday.  Easy run.

It’s time for a little recovery run after some serious racing.  Let’s run the 5-mile loop counterclockwise.


Warm up counterclockwise around the lower loop.  At 72nd & E. Drive, begin running at your tempo pace for 2 miles, to the middle of the 102nd Street Transverse.  Rest there for approximately 2 minutes.  Retrace the same 2-mile segment at your tempo pace, ending at the 72nd Street Transverse.  Cool down around the lower loop back to 63rd Street.  (6 miles)

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