This Week’s Workouts: 5/19-5/26

Brooklyn Half Marathon results

It was a beautiful day for a half marathon, and WSY was well represented.  Jodie Pfau (1:44:05), Keila Merino (1:44:29, pacing the 1:45 group), Olena Zhadko (1:52:41), Emma Tsui (1:58:53), and Heidi Tanakatsubo (2:11:28) The women finished in 56th place out of 85 teams.


Bernie Lauredan (1:22:40 PR), Benny Tam (1:25:50 PR), Marc Gershel (1:32:49), Chuck Kim (1:33:00), Denie Wong (1:34:24), Jeff De La Cruz (1:36:35 PR), Alfonso Chang (1:44:12 PR), Huw Richards (1:48:50), Chris Temme (2:00:24), and Mike Toma (1:23:44 unofficial) represented the WSY men.  The men finished in 28th place out of 99 teams.  The masters men’s team of Marc, Chuck, and Denie finished in 27th place out of 80 teams.  (Mike’s results were not included in the men’s results or the masters results, so those results should be updated soon.)

Picking up bibs at Pier 2. Photo credit: Alan Tam

Chuck and Jeff.

Marc, Denie, Bernie, Huw, Benny, Mike, and Heidi

Benny.  Photo credit: NYRR

Mike.  Photo courtesy of OhSnapper (Check out his Facebook page!)


Run counterclockwise on the lower loop.  Upon reaching the west side, make a right and run to the 102nd Street Transverse.  Make another right on East Drive, and run down to the 72nd Street Transverse.  Make a right on the transverse, a left at the end of the transverse, and finish at 63rd Street.  (5.7 miles)


Run to the Great Hill dirt track via the bridle spur and bridle path.  Run 4 fast loops on the dirt track.  Rest for 2 minutes between each loop (full recovery).  Retrace your route back to 63rd Street, or come back on the road.  (5.7 miles)

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