This Week’s Race Results

Congratulations to Steven Lee for completing another ultra marathon, the Dumb Ass 50K 5:13:29.

Saturday was the last NYRR points race of the year, the Ted Corbitt 15K, and we had a nice turnout.  Heidi Tanakatsubo (1:30:52 PR), Jennifer Kim (1:28:45), Elsa Jimenez (1:22:02), Rhonda Braun (1:12:13 PR), Carol Buonanno (1:09:05 PR), Keila Merino (1:04:26), Ian McGhie (1:41:10 PR), Aaron Lear (1:22:01 PR), Victor Laborda (1:11:51), Rob Ledesma (1:08:41), Denie Wong (1:07:23), Michael Toma (1:00:30), and Benny Tam (1:00:08 PR).  

The women’s team finished 19th out of 39 teams, the men’s team finished 22nd out of 44 teams, and the men’s masters team finished 13th out of 36 teams.  Congratulations to all our finishers.

A special thank you to our resident photographer Alan Tam for all the great photos.

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