This Week’s Workouts: 1/2-1/8


Julissa Gomez and Ian McGhie rang in the New Year with the NYRR Midnight Run.  Alan Tam  and Cindy Truong celebrated New Year’s Eve by taking 2nd place and 8th place in their respective age groups, at the Peepfest 5K in Bethlehem, PA.

Monday.  Easy run.

Begin running counterclockwise around the lower loop.  Run up E. Drive and over Harlem Hill.  Cut back across the 102nd Street Transverse to E. Drive.  Run down E. Drive, make a right on the 72nd Street Transverse, and finish your run at W. 63rd Street.  (6.7 miles)

For a shorter option, run the 5-mile loop in a counterclockwise direction.

Wednesday.  Tempo. 2 x 2 mi

Warm up on the lower loop to E. 72nd Street.  Run 2 x 2 mile at your tempo pace on the 4-mile inner loop.  Recover for 2 minutes between the 2 mile tempo segments.  End the second 2 mile tempo at E. 72nd Street.  Cool down clockwise around the lower loop.  (6 miles)

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