This Week’s Workouts: 3/26 – 4/1

Monday. 800 meter repeats.

Warm up around the bottom of the lower loop to 86th & E. Drive.  Run the first repeat from 86th to 96th.  Recovery 2:00.  Run the next repeat from 96th to 86th.  Do 4-6 repeats.  Cool down across 72nd St to the light at 63rd on the west side.


Wednesday.  Easy Run.

Run around the bottom of the lower loop.  Run up E. Drive.  At Engineer’s Gate (90th St.), enter the reservoir path.  Run counter clockwise until you reach the west side of the reservoir.  Exit the reservoir path at 86th St and run down the west side to the stoplight at 63rd St.  (4.3 miles)


For a slightly longer run, upon entering Engineer’s Gate, run the extended bridle path.  (5.3 miles)


Louis Lapat worked with NYRR to produce this video for the NYC Half, Check it out:

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