This Week’s Workouts: 2/6-2/12/17

Congratulations to Jose Zaruma (31:39) and Steven Lee (30:13) for their finishes in the NYRR Gridiron 4M.  

Monday. Easy run.

Begin by running counterclockwise around the lower loop.  When you reach W. 72nd, head up West Drive to the 102nd Street Transverse  Turn around and head straight back to W. 63rd Street.  (5.2 mi)

Wednesday.  400s & 800s

Warm up counterclockwise around the lower loop until you reach E. 86th Street.  Run 2×400 @5K pace, from 86th to 91st Street.  Run 2×800 @10K pace, from 86th to 96th.  Run 2×400 @5K pace, from 86th to 91st Street.  Rest for 90 seconds between the 400s and 2:00 between the 800s.  Cool down clockwise around the lower loop.  (5.6 mi)

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