This Week’s Workouts: 5/28-6/3

Good luck to Benny Tam next weekend.  He will be running the Comrades Marathon, a 56-mile ultra marathon in South Africa.

This video is of a race from a few weeks ago.  Louis Lapat took second at a 5K in Long Island.  Way to go Lou! Lou Gets Second:

Monday.  Memorial Day Easy run.

This will be a nice, easy counter clockwise 5-mile loop.  The YMCA closes at 8:00 p.m. tonight.  Rumor has it that the WSY’s Bruno Garcia might be making an appearance at tonight’s workout.

Wednesday. Tempo Run.

Warm up to the reservoir on West Drive.  Run 3 loops of the reservoir @tempo pace.  Cool down back to 63rd St. Here are the times it should take you to complete one loop based on your pace per mile:

9:25 = 6:00/mi
9:49 = 6:15/mi
10:12 = 6:30/mi
10:36 = 6:45/mi
11:00 = 7:00/mi
11:23 = 7:15/mi
11:47 = 7:30/mi
12:10 = 7:45/mi
12:34 = 8:00/mi
12:57 = 8:15/mi
13:21 = 8:30/mi
13:44 = 8:45/mi
14:08 = 9:00/mi
14:31 = 9:15/mi


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