This Week’s Workouts: 9/24-9/30

It was quite the running weekend. Meggie, Heidi, Denie, Huw, Greg, Chuck, Julien, Marc, and Mike took down the Fifth Avenue Mile on Saturday.

Chris, Gabe, Julien, Denie, Alfonso, Carol, Kendall, and Mike completed the 18-Mile Marathon Tune Up on Sunday.

And Heidi ran the Run 10 Feed 10 on Sunday.

Monday. Easy run.

After a lot of running this weekend, we’re going to take it easy today. Hop onto the bridle path at 63rd Street and run to the reservoir. Run one or two counter clockwise loops of the path ON the reservoir and return to 63rd Street via the bridle path.

4.1 mile route:

Wednesday. Strawberry Fields Loops

Warm up counter clockwise around the lower loop. When you get back to the west side, run up to 74th Street and meet at the base of Strawberry Fields hill. Run 1 loop of Strawberry Fields; recover for 1 minute. Run 2 loops; recover for 2 minutes. Run 3 loops; recover for 3 minutes. Run 2 loops; recover for 2 minutes. Run 1 loop; recover for 1 minute. Next, complete 5 10-second hill sprints. Cool down back to 63rd Street.

Warm up:
Strawberry Fields Loop:

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