This Week’s Workouts: 12/19-12/25

Congratulations to Jesse Licht who ran his 12th half marathon this year, the NYCRUNS Festival of Lights Half Marathon, in 1:48:04. Monday. Run up W. Drive and over Harlem Hill.  Upon reaching the 102nd Street Transverse & E. Drive, turn around and retrace your steps back to 63rd Street.  (6.6 miles) For a shorter run, turn around at the 102nd Street… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 8/15-8/21

Congratulations to Michael Toma for his 5:23.98 in the inaugural Brooklyn Mile. Monday.  Beginning at the 63rd Street entrance to the bridle path, complete the entire 5-mile bridle path. Wednesday.  1000m repeats. Warm up around the lower loop to E. 82nd.  Run your first repeat from E. 82nd to E. 93rd.  Run your second repeat from E. 93rd to E. 82nd.… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 12/14-12/20

Race Results Saturday was the last points race of the year, the Ted Corbitt 15K.  We had unusually warm weather this weekend, and a few WSY runners took advantage of it.  Congratulations to Jennifer Kim 1:21:48, who ran her first race for the WSY.  Keila Merino 1:04:03, Chuck Kim 1:21:48, Rob Ledesma 1:08:14 (PR), Denie Wong 1:07:24, Benny Tam 1:01:45, and Michael Toma 1:00:21 also… [ Read More ]