This Week’s Workouts: 1/23-1/29/17

Monday.  Easy run. Run up to the 72nd Street Transverse, make a right, and cross over to the east side.  Run up East Drive to the 102nd Street Transverse, make a left, and cross over to west side.  Run down West Drive to the 72nd Street Transverse.  Cross the transverse and run the lower loop finishing your run at W.… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 10/17-10/23

Monday. Easy run. Run the lower loop in a counterclockwise direction and head up East Drive.  Turn left at the 102nd Street Transverse, making a right at the end of the transverse.  Do a complete upper loop, ending back at W. Drive.  Run back to W. 63rd Street.  (6.6 miles) For a shorter workout, skip the upper loop and just… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 8/1-8/7

Monday. Run the 5-mile loop in a counterclockwise direction at a conversational pace.  If you need more mileage, add on the lower loop.  (5 miles or 6.7 miles) Wednesday. Cat Hill Repeats Warm up on the lower loop to the Boat House.  Run 8 Cat Hill repeats.  (6 miles)

This Week’s Workouts: 2/15-2/21

On what was an unseasonably warm winter weekend in Los Angeles, Rhonda Braun (3:47:35), Benny Tam (3:07:46), Denie Wong (3:30:23), and Michael Toma (3:30:23) represented the WSY at the Los Angeles Marathon.  Congratulations to all of them. Monday.   For our weekend marathoners, run up W. Drive to 85th Street, complete 1 loop of the reservoir, and return to 63rd Street.  (3.8 mi) For… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Race Results

This was a weekend for trail racing.  Keila Merino was the 9th place woman at the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K in California.  She ran a 5:05:42. Rhonda Braun and Michael Toma ran the Greenbelt Trail 25K in Staten Island.  Rhonda ran a 2:43:49 and finished 7th in her age group.  Mike ran a 2:07:08 and finished 2nd in his… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 6/8-6/14

This Week’s Workouts: 6/8-6/14 Monday. Easy run. Run up West Drive and make a right on the 72nd Street Transverse. Make a left at the end of the transverse, and run to the 102nd Street Transverse. Cross the transverse to the west side. Run down the west side to the 72nd Street Transverse and make a left. Continue clockwise around… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 1/28-2/3

Monday. Easy run. Run the 5-mile loop clockwise. When you get back to 63rd Street, run 4-6 strides of about 80-100 meters each. Wednesday. Cat Hill Repeats. Warm up counterclockwise until you reach the Boat House. Do 4 repeats of Cat Hill; each repeat will be shorter than the previous one. The first repeat will begin at the Boat House.… [ Read More ]