This Week’s Workouts: 1/16-1/22/17

Congratulations to Steven Lee in his latest marathon adventure, the Ho Chi Minh Marathon. Monday.  Easy run.  MLK Day. Run the 6-mile loop in a clockwise direction.  (6 miles) Wednesday.  Mile Repeats. Warm up on the lower loop to E. 85th Street.  Run your mile repeats from 85th to the 102nd Street Transverse.  Rest for 2 minutes between repeats.  Cool down back… [ Read More ]

This Week’s Workouts: 10/8-10/14

It was another great weekend for running. Congrats to Kevin for completing the Chicago Marathon. Benny raced the Boston Half Marathon. Huw, Julien, Jeff, and Mike ran the Staten Island Half Marathon. Huw PR’ed again! Monday. Easy run. We’re going to take it easy today and run the 5- or 6-mile loop of the park counter clockwise at conversational pace.… [ Read More ]